Types of Sofa cleaning tips at Home

The main thing that people look when they enter your house is the sofa. As per my research, there are 21 different types of sofas like Ottoman, Armchair, Loveseat sofa, Modular sofa, Futons/Clik-claks, Round arm sofa, Retro square arm sofa, Hard wedge arm sofa, Rounded wedge arm sofa, Slope sofa, Belgian sofa, English roll sofa, Sofas with no arms, Wooden arm sofas, Tuxedo sofas, Back sofas, Camelback Sofas, Wingback Sofas, Barrelback Sofas & Rollback Sofas. Every sofa has a different way of sofa cleaning tips. We can’t treat every sofa the same while cleaning. The main task in removing the stubborn stains or the surprising number of crumbs is not so easy. If you’re ready to invest time and effort, you can clean the sofa all by yourself by using these sofa cleaning ideas. We are placed in the city of Hyderabad, India, speaking to many sofa cleaning experts to understand the sofa cleaning process for the better.

By taking notes For every sofa cleaning tip, we bring this blog to your notice. In In this blog, you are going to learn how to clean leather sofas, Recliner & fabric sofas.

Leather sofa cleaning Tips and Hacks

Good leather will only improve with the going age. It’s like our skin, the way we maintain our skin by taking good care of it. The same way we have to take good care of leather items by following some advance tips to keep the leather natural. For the advanced tips and techniques, we asked Goklean4u, a high-level house cleaning agency in Hyderabad, Guntur, and Vijayawada, to share their guidance on “how to clean the leather sofas and bring them back to life?” 

Best Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips in India


1) Water
2) Saddle Soap
3) Soft Cloth
4) Leather Cream
5) Cotton Swab
6) Rubbing Alcohol

According to one of the experts from Goklean4u, dusting sofas with a dry cloth will keep your leather sofas and leather couches clean. For a monthly cleaning schedule, use a quality leather cream that helps to preserve the substance smooth and moisturized. 

Here is the step by step leather sofa & couch cleaning Ideas: 

Basic Water & Soap Cleaning

To clean the mild strains, use a cloth and soapy water. Dip the washed cloth into the warm soapy water and rub directly on the stain to wipe it away. If you want to tackle hard stains, Goklean4u says, take a cotton swab and an alcohol solution, apply it directly on the stain spot. Make sure the alcohol doesn’t spread the stain spot more on leather. 

Microfiber Stressless Recliner Professional Cleaning

Recliners are the most valued furniture in our home. They provide us the needed relaxation and comfort whenever we need it. It’s common to see our recliner gets spoiled with pet hair, dirt and food spills, every day hours that you spend in the recliner will leave stains on it, this will release the door and feels unpleasant whenever you rest in the recliner. 
Here is the Step by Step Recliner Cleaning Tips:

If all this is hard to practice, the perfect way to deal with it is to leave this to our experts. Goklean4u services all types of house cleaning services in Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Guntur. 

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