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Benefits in Cleaning Dust, Dirt, and Stains Home Marble Floor Cleaning 

Marble floors are elegant, but cleaning them can be a matter of concern if you are not sure how to do it properly. There are marble floor cleaning services in Hyderabad and these are highly recommended because they have the correct techniques on how to clean marble floor, that will not eat away and dull the marble floor. If you’d rather do it yourself from scratch, this is possible also. 

1) Always remember that after you buy your marble it is coated with the protective sealant. Most stains are easily cleaned provided the floor adds the protective sealant.

2) Ensure you dry mop marble every day and later use normal water for wet mopping. If you can use RO water it would even be beneficial as reverse osmosis water contains less dissolved salts which react less with marble maintaining your marble shine. 

3) To retain the shine of your marble avoid dust and mud from entering the house dust particles that contain silica which creates scratches not just on marble but any flooring material. 

4) Refrain from using household acid cleaners which will destroy your marble use miles soak liquid house cleaners available with multinational brands.

5) Three citric acid is the biggest enemy of marble bringing lemons or any citric fruits near your marble area any spillage or stain should my nearly be cleaned within an hour. They are easily cleaned provided the flow has sealant applied. 

When you pop them so there you go follow these simple steps to retain the shine of your marble with regular polishing. Every three to five years which keeps your marble floor shining at all times 

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Basic Steps to follow on How Clean a Marble Floor

1) Pour cool, clean water into a bucket

2) Add detergent or stone soap liquid to the cool water, the detergent must be near neutral and very gentle. 

3) Use your normal mop and wash as usual, rhythmically use overlapping short strokes. 

4) Mop over again thoroughly with clean water free of dirt

5) Allow the floor to air dry

6) Deal with scuff marks and spots by attending to individually, use a left pad and a gentle neutral or dollop of detergent to remove, rubbing only along the grain of the marble in a straight line. Do not rub circularly, as this will leave marks. 

If you think about flooring marble comes to your mind you want your floors to look luxurious classy and stylish. Don’t you as eager as you are to spend on buying the best model for your flooring marble. It needs a lot of care and protection after they end up on your floor, so if you’re wondering how to keep your marble shining 365 days a year and here are the only tips you require to maintain your path to Puri cleaning your marble.

Top Questions People asked for in cleaning Marble Floors

We have cross-checked many of our customer’s feedback and brought out a few questions that are asked by our customers about tips and hacks. Here we go 

What is the best way to clean marble floors?

We will make it simple, to clean the dirty, stain marble floors with a highly diluted mixture of neutral products or a diluted water solution of dish-washing soap. You can use baking soda, Windex, light dish-washing, hydrogen peroxide, detergent, alcohol, and more. All products with neutral cleaning solutions can be used for marble floor cleaning purposes. 

What cleaning products are safe to use on marble?

The trending brands that are used most in India are Harpic, Domex, Mr. Muscle, Frosch, and Herbal Strategi. We suggest using the Organic marble floor cleaners because they are used in ingredients like non-ionic cocoa, water, soap nut, coconut-based surfactants, and lemon oils. 

How do you make marble floors shine?

It’s not recommended every time to polish on your marble. Not only every time it damages the surface but also it makes the surface more smooth that is dangerously slippery. Use a Dry Towel to clean the residual water from the marble floor, and if you need higher shine on the cleaned marble floor, make a paste of 50/50 water and baking soda then spread it over the marble gently. Allow it to dry, then remove the soft cloth. 

How do I get my marble white again?

Three ways to get marble white again, like doing the general cleaning and polishing on the planned schedules. Wipe countertops with soft and dry cloths and make sure you keep this cloth dedicated for marble floor cleaning. Making the baking soda paste and spread this on the floor rest it and clean it. 

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